Private Jet
Our professional aviation teams are on standby to efficiently optimise a competitive private jet financial solution. We offer a one-stop comprehensive consulting experience, guiding the aircraft transaction, tax benefit, asset management and disposal.
Super Yacht
With about 300 vessels under financial lease management, our private super yacht selection ranges between 60ft and 100ft with a few, exceptional assets, longer than 100ft. The ICBC Leasing's private super yacht team provides a one-stop comprehensive experience guiding vessel purchase, build, management and disposal.
Wealth Management
Prioritizing capital safety, ICBC Leasing provides offshore wealth management services, requiring strong liquidity for short-term high returns.
Project Financing
Innovative financing for private projects is made available across different sectors such as aviation, marine engineering, power units, energy, construction, transportation, telecom, logistics, infrastructure, healthcare and education.
Cross-Border M&A
Financial leasing facilitates deals requiring heavy investments and funded assets. Combined with buyout loans and capital market tools, it can significantly minimize the acquirer’s equity contribution.
Exclusive Services
From its position of strength and established global networks, ICBC group can tailor and combine exclusive services covering financial leasing, commercial banking, insurance securities banking and investment banking.
Contact Us
For any questions and inquiries with regards to private leasing solutions, please contact us: